My Skills and Projects


Project Experiences

Please visit my GitHub for more up-to-date information about my personal projects.

Some Projects in Detail

Full-Stack Django App

This is a full-stack Django Web Application that uses a Postgres database and is connected to AWS. Currently it is deployed to Heroku and can be viewed from this link . Feel free to create an account, add a project, or play around with the features. This project is mostly based on a series of Django tutorials on YouTube.

Project 1

Image Compression Python Script

This is an image compression project coded in Python. For my linear algebra class in college, we were asked to research different applications of linear algebra in the real world. I was intrigued by how image compression uses linear algebra, more specifically singular value decomposition. I did research on the topic, and then decided to write a script in Python to see how it works.

Project 2

Cross-Platform Mobile Flutter Application

This is my first Flutter application, and I started working on this to learn the Flutter framework. Our client for my on-campus consulting organization told us that they are transitioning from React to Flutter, and asked us to code their new application using Flutter. As part of a 37 hour YouTube tutorial series that works on this application, I've learned a lot from Flutter Widgets to integration with Firebase and to storing data in the cloud. This project is incomplete! I am currently at the 23rd hour of the 37 hour tutorial. I am still working on this project.

Project 3